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Brixham Marine Conservation Day

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

30th May 2017 by Zillah Robertson

Brixham held its Marine Conservation Day bringing together many organisations concerned with marine conservation and raising awareness of conservation issues with many exhibitors and speakers. The aim was to try and educate the next generation and introduce cdren to research and survey work, with it being half term and so many families visiting Brixham, it was the ideal opportunity.

a glorious day, we've been so lucky with the weather at all our Brixham events. We were pleased tbe taking part and supporting the town. We arrived early and set up our gazebo on the Breakwa talk at the Yacht Club.

During the afternoon Jules from the Marine Conservation Society organised a beach clean with lots of people, including the kids joining in to help.

The beach looked clean but they did pick up lots of little bits of litter, always the case on a seemingly clean beach.

We all chatted to lots of members of the public during the day. They were interested to hear about the dives we've been doing in the area retrieving lost fishing gear. Warwick, who's a friend of the group and a local skipper, (whose boat we'd used for our dives) had saved a dumpy bag full of fishing line and net, from the dive we'd done a month earlier, for us to display at this event.

Unfortunately it was incredibly smelly (mixed with rotting sea life, it wasn't going to stay fresh!) so we had to put it as far as possible down the beach, away from the stands and take people to see it.

We packed up late afternoon, it had been a great day. Thank you to Annie, who organised the event and looked after us during the day.

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