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Category:1891 births Category:1969 deaths Category:Indian gynaecologists Category:Medical doctors from Uttar Pradesh Category:20th-century Indian medical doctorsWar-torn Iraq has a new hero. An Iraqi woman known as Marium has been dubbed the “supermum” after she saved the lives of more than 100 girls trapped in a collapsed school during a raid by the Islamic State (Isis) on a nearby village. It has been reported that the school was destroyed by an IS car bomb and when the militants stormed the village Marium hid the kids in her home and risked her life to save them. Marium, who works for the village council, opened the windows of her house to rescue the children and has now been identified as the “supermum”. In her home were 42 children aged between one and 11 who had been trapped in the rubble of the destroyed building. Marium rescued a total of 114 girls and boys from the collapsed school in the small village of Qaraqosh, about 40 kilometres (25 miles) north of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and took them to a nearby school. “I knew they needed a safe place so I went into my house to find blankets and mattresses to put on the floors,” she told the media, “I started hearing a noise and then came out of the house to check what was going on. I went into the village and saw a mosque that was on fire.” The militants, who stormed the village, were waiting for the fire brigade and after they did not arrive they detonated a bomb, destroying the building and killing 25 people. Another 14 children who had been taken to a nearby school also died in the explosion and fire. Marium managed to rescue the girls and boys from the rubble and took them to the second school in Qaraqosh. “She risked her life to save as many as possible,” Tareq Shalabi, head of the local council told the Guardian. “She left her home in the middle of the night and went into the village looking for families whose children were still in danger. She found at least 10, maybe more.” Marium was injured during the raid and is now recovering from burns and shrapnel wounds. "She is the real supermum,” her husband, Fares Kandi




Vivek Jain Psm Book Free 226 scorquan

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