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Raising Awareness

Our clean up projects help to reduce the hazards of marine litter by removing it from the sea; but how do we stop it entering the sea in the first place?  A big part of our work is highlighting the issues and offering some insight into how we can all make some changes in our lives to help reduce the impact of plastic pollution and its harm to our oceans


Positive change is possible if we have the desire - but we also need the knowledge. There has been an enormous wave of change over the past 2 years, largely due to the ‘Attenborough Effect’ and Blue Planet 2, though many organisations have been working tirelessly for decades to find solutions. There is still much to do and with some urgency. Governments, corporations and the fishing industry must make the biggest strides forward if we are to see long-lasting global change.


Over the years we have attended many public events: conferences, shows, regattas, marine discovery days, often working alongside other conservation groups. We have delivered presentations to different audiences and organised marine litter art workshops. We use our gazebo when visiting towns or beaches, as a focal point for the public to engage with us. We show them the types of marine litter and fishing debris we collect and explain how we try to recycle much of the plastic and fishing net through Odyssey Innovation, who are a partner in the Ocean Recovery Project. Fishing nets can be recycled into kayaks which can be used for both marine clean-ups and for raising awareness of the marine plastic issue and circular economy solutions.


Two of our volunteers have created artwork as a way of recycling marine litter and it’s a fantastic way of showing people what is actually found in our sea and beaches, it grabs people’s attention and gets them thinking. Anyone can do it and it’s a fun way to learn about litter. Check out  "Zillah's Art Gallery"


We can’t continue this work without volunteers and if you can spare a few hours and would like to get involved please contact us. We particularly need help with awareness, marine litter artwork, social media, film making, fundraising and administration.

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