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Another lost net recovered in far from ideal conditions

Yesterday, the team were busy once again recovering ghost gear from Falmouth Bay, Cornwall.

During the week, Seasearch divers had discovered an abandoned net during a survey off Pendennis point.

Despite the conditions being less than ideal with a large swell and spring tides, the team were undeterred and decided to press ahead with the search and recovery mission. Unfortunately, we've not had much luck this year with the weather and didn't want to risk waiting for better conditions, in case they never came. The sooner the net was removed from the environment, the better!

The plan was for the first team to search for the net and mark the exact location ready for the second team to go and recover it. We had coordinates of where the Seasearch divers entered the water and surfaced, and a description of the topography underwater along with some photos. We placed the shotline based on the information given, and within 30 minutes of the divers performing a search pattern, the DSMB came to the surface to indicate the location of the net.

The second team of divers then entered the water, and the lift bags started to appear! Great effort by all involved who had given up their Saturday to make the oceans a better place!

Thank you to the Seasearch volunteer who reported the net to us. And a special thank you to Captain Paul Watson Foundation UK for the continued use of Shadow, which makes a huge difference to our work.

Underwater photos by @shannonmoranphoto

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