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Hopes Nose Clean Up 2019

Jan 2019 - Thank you to everyone who attended the clean up at Torbay today. We joined forces with the Torbay Cleaner Coasts Initiative who organised a beach clean at Goodrington Sands, while we dived at popular angling sites, Hopes Nose and later on at Berry Head. We had returned to continue the clean up at Hopes Nose, where there is a large build up of angling debris on the seabed.

It was our first dive at Berry Head and as we suspected there was plenty to retrieve there too.

A large bull grey seal stayed close to the anglers at Hopes Nose, all the time we were there, hoping for an easy meal. On the way back, we were fortunate enough to get close to 17 grey seals, basking on the pontoon in Brixham harbour. We were careful not to disturb them and quietly floated past them in the boat, a real treat!

We were joined by a film crew who are making a new documentary to be released later this year, on plastic pollution across the UK.

Thank you Helen and Penny who removed all the lead weights from the fishing line, after the dives, to be recycled. Good team work everyone ! Thank you 👍😊

World Animal Protection UK

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