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Mevagissey Harbour Dive

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

30th March 2019 - by Zillah Robertson We had an excellent day at Mevagissey, despite having to change location last minute because of the poor diving conditions at Port Gaverne. As part of the Keep Britain Tidy - Great British Spring Clean we wanted to do our bit and had a successful dive outside and along the harbour wall. The divers were well looked after by Rob and Nat in Odyssey Innovation Ltd kayaks leading them safely from the harbour to the dive site and back. The kayakers were really useful in transporting the divers debris back to base and also filled a large bag with litter they collected from the nearby rocks, including a horrible piece of polystyrene.

Assorted marine debris was retrieved, amongst it plenty of small clumps of tangled fishing line, hooks and lures, a source of ghost fishing gear and always found in the sea at angling hot spots. Along with a couple of stools, a rucksack and piece of fishing rod.

A fascinating find was an old silver fork with hallmarks. Shaun looked up the marks and it was made in London in 1810, it was beautiful! Lots of people stopped and chatted with us and praised the divers. They were really interested in what we were doing. Thank you to everyone who came and made it a very enjoyable day, including Amanda who was a great help as shore support. 👍Many Thanks to Morrisons

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