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Padstow Seafood & Beer Festival

Updated: Aug 19, 2019


Blog by Dave Perry

Why was Fathoms Free at a Seafood & Beer Festival?

Well… the National Lobster Hatchery in Padstow was having a fundraising event at the lovely picturesque venue of Prideaux Place – organised by Sperry Tents South West and Padstow Brewing Co. And as we regularly get involved with releasing batches of baby lobsters into the Sea we were kindly invited by the hatchery into the Educational tent next to them.

The sun came out after a morning of drizzle and cloud and the public started to arrive. Anita, Zillah and myself had setup a stand inside the tent to talk to people and explain what we do and why.

We also got asked to help out on a extra bit of fun next to our stand attracting the public into the tent by way of a fancy dress photo booth – which proved very popular with children (and even some adults dressing up).

Come the evening, it was time to pack-up but not to go home. As it was time to enjoy the various live bands and sample the drinks at the bar (and more gorgeous food from the food stands on the grounds)

Lots of thanks goes to all those organising the event and all the money that was raised on the day. We definitely had fun.

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