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Lansallos Beach.

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

This is one of our favourite locations and where the group started 3 years ago. Weather permitting we can dive, beach clean and camp. With such stunning views from the cliffs who wouldn’t want to spend some time here!

We were pleased to be joined by students from the Marine Science Society UPSU who dived and helped with the debris analysis. Also some new divers joined us and several people turned up to help with the beach clean. We are always pleased to see new faces and grateful for everyone’s help.

Cornish author Ellie Jackson and her family came to help with the beach clean and brought her new book ‘Duffy’s Lucky Escape’ which she read to several interested children on the beach.

The beach looked pretty clean but on closer inspection was covered in tiny pieces of plastic. We filled a few bags with beach litter and also collected debris from the adjacent cove a short walk up over the cliff. We also found several pieces of Pink Sea Fan Coral entangled in monofilament netting.

The debris analysis from the dives can be time consuming but provides valuable data that is forwarded to Project Aware. Most of the debris retrieved was made up of small pieces of monofilament nylon, net, broken bottles, plastic cups, yogurt containers plus there was a lot of cloth. Over a 1,000 individual pieces of plastic were counted from the dive alone. Total debris collected by the divers 26.8kg.

We are grateful to the National Trust who transported all the dive kit to and from the beach, along with all the marine litter that we collected.

Thank you!

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