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World Clean Up Day

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

15th September 2018

It’s #WorldCleanUpDay so we took our boat and a kayak and departed from the beautiful town of Fowey on route to Lansallos to continue a clean up along the rocks, east of the beach.

We collected a lot of big pieces with the kayaks 2 weeks ago and there was still plenty of debris there. Three more sacks were filled today with a lot of polystyrene, bottles and buoys, all light in weight and washed onto the rocks. The kayaks are ideal for getting to these inaccessible locations.

Cleaning up the marine environment is what it’s all about, whether you dive, kayak or beach clean. It doesn’t matter how, it all helps. Let’s all work together and try and stop this litter entering our oceans in the first place.

World Cleanup Day World Animal Protection UK Ocean Recovery Project

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We are a group of volunteer Marine Conservationists who refuse to stand by, whilst our seas turn into uninhabitable dumping grounds​.

“The global marine debris problem is one of the greatest threats our planet has ever encountered. Divers are in a unique position to assist in tackling this threat. Industrial practices and legislation need to change, so our fight is a big one. We believe, by working together to raise awareness, that we are in a position to take on what appeared at first to be; the impossible”

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