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Diving for Debris - Newquay

We set up our gazebo at Towan Head, next to Little Fistral beach. We shared the packed car park with surfer campers who were there as part of the ‘Boardmasters’ event being held at Fistral beach. I don’t think we realised it would be so busy and there was a bit of a frenzy trying to park!

I had made a new piece of marine litter art to display at our events. It looked effective from inside the gazebo with the sea and sky behind it. Its a mural made up of ghost fishing gear and marine litter plastic. Although colourful to look at, it shows the hazards they pose to wildlife.

It turned into a gorgeous day and the diving conditions were good so Rob, Jess and Toby did a dive off the rocks and retrieved 3 kg of marine debris in what Rob said was usually a clean location. Nat did the shore support and I manned the gazebo.

A local seal came close to the rocks to check us out. The divers removed some fishing line and hooks (along with the other debris) which are always a hazard to seals so our presence was certainly justified!

We chatted with some other divers from a local dive club during the day. It turned out to be a quiet location for engaging with the public with all the action being at Fistral beach! Of course everyone was watching the surf competitions or looking around the stands. But we all had a chance to have a quick look around Fistral and enjoy a Pasty or two!

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