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Finally the SS Epsilon, aka 'The Dirty Wreck' is clear of ghost gear

Saturday 10th July Fathoms Free organised the clearing of ghost gear and marine debris from the SS Epsilon. This wreck was notorious for the amount of ghost gear and debris that's had accumulated on it over the last 100 years. Over the last decade, it's gradually been cleared by volunteers from various groups. But no one had taken up the task of clearing all the hard to get scraps of monofilament and trawl net left behind from when larger pieces are cut free from the wreckage, as well as the large amount of ropes and other marine debris that had accumulated on the wreck.

7 divers carried out two dives each during the course of the day. With the help of 3 surface support volunteers and Ruth and Mark of Atlantic Scuba we filled two dumpy bags!

The recovery really did show the variety of nets that have been used over the years. With some nets actually predating plastic, but still in existence - our divers know they weren't plastic, as they could tear them with bare hands! As well as the dozens of varieties of pieces of net, the divers removed angling gear, bottles and cans, and a large amount of electrical cable!

Many thanks to Atlantic Scuba for looking after us and Sea Shepherd UK - Ghostnet Campaign volunteers for joining us. And a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to us recently, which enables us to organise clean ups such as this!

If anybody could spare a few pennies to help with our ongoing efforts please hit the donate button at the top of the page.

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