Generous donation received from Plymouth based Drayton Controls

Fathoms Free are very pleased to be this years selected charity for Plymouth based Drayton Controls. As part of their annual selected charity pledges, Drayton have made a significant donation to Fathoms Free for which we are extremely grateful

On their website, Drayton, part of Schneider electric posted :-

In helping to protect our local environment and slow climate change, we all must take responsibility for our actions. Since 2018, As well as designing products like Wiser that help you save energy at home, Drayton has made tackling plastic pollution a priority, by creating a Single Use Plastic (SUP) committee to identify where we can reduce our SUP use and find more sustainable alternatives.

Thanks to our SUP elimination team and deploying zero-plastic alternatives, we’ve already saved over 11 tonnes of SUP from our Plymouth site from being used annually, and our site continues to operate zero-to-landfill, with 100% of our waste materials being reused or recycled elsewhere.

As part of the design and manufacturing industry, we’ve put sustainability at the core of everything we do, and it’s our duty to be part of the solution, not the problem. As well as our efforts to prevent further plastic pollution, we want to support local environmental projects that actively remove plastics already harming the environment.

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We are a group of volunteer Marine Conservationists who refuse to stand by, whilst our seas turn into uninhabitable dumping grounds​.

“The global marine debris problem is one of the greatest threats our planet has ever encountered. Divers are in a unique position to assist in tackling this threat. Industrial practices and legislation need to change, so our fight is a big one. We believe, by working together to raise awareness, that we are in a position to take on what appeared at first to be; the impossible”

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Fathoms free are a registered charity.

UK charity number 1192613