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Huge tangle of net and rope on the beach at PolKerris

Yesterday, we responded to a call for help from our friend Frosty, AKA Turn the Tide.

An abandoned bundle of ropes and nets had appeared on Polkeriss beach and needed recovering as soon as possible. Due to its large size and being partially buried in the sand, it needed some additional helping hands and help from a tractor or 4x4.

With low tide falling a few hours after midday, three of the Fathoms Free team took the afternoon off work and headed to the location with our 4x4 and some strops to help pull the ghost gear out the sand.

On arriving, we found access to the beach was locked. Thankfully, The Rashleigh Inn, Polkerris came to our aid and helped us get the truck on the beach.

After a couple of hours pulling and cutting, the pile of ropes and nets were finally in the back of the truck and no longer posing a danger to marine life and the environment. Although only just, as it did completely fill the back and took the efforts of two men to close the tailgate!

Ghost gear, officially known as ALDFG (Abandoned, Lost or otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear) pose a significant risk to people and all marine life in an often endless cycle of death. The sooner we can remove the lost/abandoned ghost gear from the environment, the better it is for everyone.

Was great to be able to help Frosty, who dedicates so much of his free time clearing the beaches and local areas of plastics and litter.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

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