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Large trawl net recovered from Falmouth wreck

Last weekend our team comprising volunteers from Fathoms Free and Sea Shepherd UK - Ghostnet Campaign were busy recovering ghost gear from the Caroni River wreck in Falmouth Bay, Cornwall.

Due to the size and weight of the trawl net, we chartered the services of Atlantic Scuba and their boat Moonshadow.

Moonshadow is fitted with a lift which makes getting the trawl onto the boat a great deal easier and safer than if we were using a RHIB. It's also a bit of a treat for our volunteer divers who have been working hard underwater in less than ideal conditions.

Our team carried out two dives to complete the recovery. The first large piece was lifted on the first dive and any left overs recovered on the second.

As you can see from some of the images taken underwater, once the net was disturbed visibility was reduced to zero for the divers cutting free the ghost gear from the wreckage. Training, experience and a calm disposition is required for this type of diving.

All underwater shots were taken by Mike Etheredge, who acted as both a safety diver and photographer on both dives.

Thanks again to our supporters for enabling us to continue our work.

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