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Local volunteer groups pull together to protect seals near Gorran Haven

Today one of our volunteer trustees Jules responded to a request for assistance and took Casper out to support a recovery of ghost gear. The reported ghost gear was strewn across the Gwineas, a set of rocks a mile off shore from Gorran Haven.

The ghost gear was spotted hanging above a regular seal haul out, so it was vital to get it recovered as soon as possible. Sharon, from BDMLR South West England had been informed of the situation by a member of public and so made the most of the weather window before the incoming storm and coordinated a team of volunteers from various organisations. The volunteers who attended today came from British Divers Marine Life Rescue, Ghostnetbusters ALDFG Recovery, Three Bays Wildlife Group and were also supported by other locals.

Starting out in sub zero temperatures of minus seven degrees, Jules picked up our frozen boat Casper this morning and met the team at Gorran Haven to launch. The mission wasn't going to be easy, and once at the destination, the volunteers had to jump off the boat to swim up to and then scramble up onto the rocks to carry out the recovery.

The day was a great success, and it was awesome to be able to support other like-minded organisations in dealing with the menace that is ALDFG.

Huge thank you all the volunteers who helped today, and to Jules for managing to get short notice annual leave to enable the recovery to take place. Great teamwork makes the dream work!

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