Rotary Club of Tiverton & Simon Reeve make for a successful fundraising event

Recently the lovely members of the Rotary Club of Tiverton organised a fundraising event with Simon Reeve on Zoom. Simon entertained over 600 viewers with conversation and readings from his books for over 90 minutes.

Fathoms Free were honoured to be one of the two charities nominated by Simon to benefit from the significant amount of money raised by this event.

We would like to express a huge thankyou to Simon Reeve and to the Rotary Club of Tiverton, not only for organising the event but also making a donation of their own - thank you

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We are a group of volunteer Marine Conservationists who refuse to stand by, whilst our seas turn into uninhabitable dumping grounds​.

“The global marine debris problem is one of the greatest threats our planet has ever encountered. Divers are in a unique position to assist in tackling this threat. Industrial practices and legislation need to change, so our fight is a big one. We believe, by working together to raise awareness, that we are in a position to take on what appeared at first to be; the impossible”

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Fathoms free are a registered charity.

UK charity number 1192613