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Torbay Dive Clean up 2019

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

26th/27th May 19 -

Thanks to everyone who was part of the Fathoms Free team at Torbay this weekend. We spent Sunday diving, firstly with a shore dive at Babbacombe, then a boat dive at Hopes Nose. This morning we dived at Berry Head, Brixham, in the company of a large grey seal, then later at the Breakwater.

Thanks to Warwick from Nautilus Dive & RIB Charters Brixham for taking us out in his boat and looking after us. We retrieved angling gear at all locations with the most collected at Hopes Nose.

Aswell as the many tangled clumps of fishing line retrieved were 100s of lures and hooks. 3 reels and pieces of rod. Lead weights - 742 from Hopes Nose, 55 from Berry Head (and a hoover!) 10 from the Breakwater. A large old lobster was lucky to be rescued from fishing line by the divers.

A few drinks bottles, tins and bits of plastic were also found. It was a busy weekend too for our partners at Torbay Cleaner Coasts Initiative who were part of Brixfest and Paddling for Plastic. Good work everyone ! 😊

We were pleased to have Kimi from World Animal Protection UK join us today.

Morrisons Ocean Recovery Project #ghostgear #diveagainstdebris

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