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Truck full of deadly net off to recycling

Here is another truck load of deadly nets removed from the environment by volunteers from Sea Shepherd UK Sea Shepherd UK - Ghostnet Campaign which has been collected by us at Fathoms Free to start the journey onto becoming something new!

As many of our followers know, Fathoms Free and Sea Shepherd UK are part of the UK Ghost Gear Coalition, and so work closely with our friends and partners to ensure that we recycle as much of what the coalition recovers as possible.

The nets collected will be taken to our friends at Ghostnetbusters ALDFG Recovery who have a holding area available to them at Circular&Co. and from there the nets will be collected along with the many others in bulk by the team from Odyssey Innovation Ltd to be fully recycled in their Net Regeneration and Marine Regeneration schemes.

Working together and sharing resources for the best outcome.

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