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Two wrecks cleaned in two days

Saturday was International Coastal Cleanup Day, and the volunteers divers from Fathoms Free and Sea Shepherd UK - Ghostnet Campaign spent two days recovering ghost gear from two different wrecks off the north coast of Cornwall.

The team successfully removed a significant amount of monofilament net, ropes and monofilament fishing line from the wreckages, as well as a couple of lobster pots.

Setting off early from Hayle both mornings to take advantage of the neap tides and favourable conditions, we cleared the SS Zone in St Ives Bay, and the SS Busby just off the coast of Pendeen. Both wrecks are laying at a depth of over 30m, so well planned dives during neap tides in the right conditions to catch the slack are vital. As the conditions were as good as they're going to get at this time of year, we took full advantage.

Thank you once again to our supporters for enabling us to continue our work. We also owe a special thank you to Andy, Mike and Sarah on 'Wild Thing' for their contribution to the weekend. As well as supporting the clean up with Andys RIB 'Wild Thing' on Sundays trip to the SS Zone; their help, guidance and knowledge of each site were crucial to the planning and success of both days dives.

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