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Wrasse pots recovered from Plymouth Sound

This weekend our team were busy recovering the wrasse traps which had been reported to us by IFCA. It was great to have new members Dave and Ed on board.

We had located and surveyed the abandoned gear on a previous dive with our RHIB Casper, and planned to return to recover everything along with our new addition Shadow, when it was back from its service.

Our plan was to lift all the abandoned gear on bags, to avoid dragging it across the reef and causing more damage. Once all the gear was floating, both teams would then start hauling it in. Despite unexpected engine problems with our RHIB Casper, the day was a great success.

Apart from the engine problems, everything went to plan. All gear was recovered and handed over to IFCA who will be investigating where the abandoned gear came from.

Shadows first outing with Fathoms Free had proven how valuable it will be going forward and demonstrated the strength of our collaboration with Sea Shepherd UK

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